Tax Lawyers and Advisers – Help with tax objections, tax debt, tax disputes, transfer pricing and foreign residency


We are the best tax lawyers: Tax audits, tax debt, taxation objections, tax litigation, tax disputes and tax prosecutions

Tax is an unavoidable part of life.   It is also one of the most complex areas of law.  But we can help you when your tax or superannuation affairs become overwhelming.

We  care about our clients and will only accept work if we genuinely believe we can help.

And we strive to explain it to you in a way that is easy to understand: our testimonials demonstrate this.  Without exception our clients are grateful that they have engaged us – our testimonials demonstrate this.

We can help with:

  • ATO Tax Audits
  • Taxation disputes
  • Transfer Pricing Law
  • Tax Debt
  • Tax litigation
  • Criminal tax charges
  • Income tax
  • Tax Planning
  • Superannuation
  • Tax restructuring
  • Foreign residency tax
  • Tax compliance

We are currently located in Sydney and Melbourne and are just a call away.

Our team of lawyers come from diverse tax backgrounds, from a former ATO director to top tier law firms and big 4 accounting firms. This enables us to provide comprehensive tax advice that considers tax issues from every angle and ensures that we achieve the best possible outcomes for you.


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Tax Dispute

Involved in a dispute with the Tax Commissioner?
Being audited by the Tax Office?