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Our Team

Tania Waterhouse


Tania Waterhouse    LLB (Hons) LLM (Tax)
Former ATO Director   

Tania began her legal career with Mallesons Stephen Jacques where she specialised in tax and superannuation.

She then joined AusIndustry as a litigator in the old R&D scheme.

She was then engaged as a Director at the ATO where she worked for almost a decade as a Director. During this time she acquired in-depth knowledge of international taxation, superannuation and tax litigation. Tania also developed close professional relationships with numerous senior staff and has maintained these relationships since leaving the ATO.

Tania used all of private and public sector legal experience to establish her own law firm. She now uses her specialist knowledge of taxation law to gain great results for most of her clients.

Clients are always impressed by Tania’s warm, open approach to their tax problems. After talking through their issues with her they always depart feeling greatly relieved to have Tania on their side.

Tania is also a professional florist. She owned her own florist for several years so she knows from personal experience the difficulties small business owners face trying to keep up with their tax obligations while trying to run a successful business. These days she only arranges does weddings for friends


Michael Cranston   
Former ATO Deputy Commissioner   

With over 40 years experience with the ATO, the last ten as Deputy Commissioner for Private Groups and Individuals, Michael understands the difficulties facing taxpayers with complex structures.

Michael’s strong mediation skills allow him to negotiate and achieve the best result possible for taxpayers.

In addition, Michael’s forensic accounting skills enable him to analyse complex accounting records in order to determine whether the ATO has made an error in their analysis of a taxpayer’s assessable income.

Waterhouse Lawyers has engaged Michael to provide accounting assistance and to assist in negotiations with the ATO. He is not a lawyer and does not provide legal advice which is provided by Tania Waterhouse.

Michael loves fishing and a beer with mates.

Senior Consultant

Aris Zafiriou       

Aris was the ATO Director for Significant Debt. In this role he represented the Commissioner in large tax debt recovery proceedings. Aris always strived to achieve a fair result for both the Commissioner and the taxpayer. As a result he is held in high regard by both his former ATO colleagues and taxpayers and their representatives.

Aris brings to Waterhouse Lawyers a wealth of debt and insolvency experience as well as in-depth knowledge of ATO debt policies and procedures.

As part of the Waterhouse team Aris will help to save our clients from bankruptcy or being woundup if at all possible

Aris is from Melbourne and a Tigers’ tragic (this commentary written by a Demons supporter).

Keerti Sharma


Keerti Sharma       

Keerti holds a Juris Doctor from Macquarie University and an undergraduate degree in Business.

Prior to joining Waterhouse Lawyers Keerti worked for a mid-tier law firm in their litigation section and has extensive litigation experience. She successfully represented clients in court on a number of occasions.

In her current role, Keerti assists taxpayers in a broad range of taxation matters including Private Binding Ruling applications, Share buy-back schemes, GIC remissions, and a wide variety of other ATO taxation disputes.

Having always had a passion for the law, Keerti’s dedication to the area of taxation has seen her support our clients on a number of high value and complex taxation matters, helping them to achieve outstanding results.

Keerti’s passion for tax and commitment to her clients is obvious when she deals with clients.

Keerti has a wide variety of interests outside work. In her spare time, she loves hiking and traveling. She loves to learn about new cultures, people and dance forms – her current favourite being salsa.

Keerti loves listening to podcasts on global politics, economics and business psychology.

Law Graduate

Amanda Guruge    JD, BCOMM, BPSYC   

Amanda holds a Juris Doctor from the University of Canberra and undergraduate degrees in Commerce and Psychology from the Australian National University.  Amanda is currently completing her Practical Legal Training.

Prior to joining Waterhouse Lawyers, Amanda worked for mid-tier accounting firm in their taxation consulting team. Amanda has experience drafting complex tailored taxation advice for both state-based and federal taxation issues.

In her current role, Amanda assists in preparing Private Binding Ruling and Objection applications, GIC remissions, contact with the ATO during reviews and residency taxation advice.

Amanda’s key interest lies in superannuation, specifically self-managed superannuation funds and the complex taxation laws surrounding SMSFs.

Outside of work, Amanda is a passionate volunteer netball coach. She loves to find new brunch places and eat food from different cultures. Amanda enjoys being involved in the Sri Lankan community.


Dario Sabljak       

Dario is currently completing a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Business at Western Sydney University.

Prior to joining Waterhouse Lawyers, Dario worked for a reputable barrister’s chambers as an assistant law clerk. Prior to that, he spent a year in Italy playing football at a high level across the country.

Since joining our team, he has become a key member providing a high level of support to both our legal team and clients. He is passionate about the law and is dedicated to supporting our solicitors achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

Dario can speak, read and write in Croatian. He is also a member of the Australian Croatian Chamber of Commerce.

Dario has a broad range of interests outside of work. He is passionate about football (soccer), whether it is playing it, watching it or reading about it. He also loves travelling and continues to tick new places off his list. He also loves reading and studying various parts of history.