Principal Director

Tania Waterhouse - LLB (Hons) LLM (Tax)

Tania is a former director of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

She began her legal career with Mallesons Stephen Jacques where she specialised in tax and superannuation.

Tania then joined the ATO where she worked for almost a decade as a Director. During this time she acquired in-depth knowledge of international taxation, superannuation and tax litigation. Tania also developed close professional relationships with numerous senior staff and has maintained this relationship since leaving the ATO.

Tania used all of private and public sector legal experience to establish her own law firm. She now uses her specialist knowledge of taxation law to gain great results for most of her clients.

Clients are always impressed by Tania’s warm, open approach to their tax problems. After talking through their issues with her they always depart feeling greatly relieved to have Tania on their side.

Tania is also a professional florist. She owned her own florist for several years so she knows from personal experience the difficulties small business owners face trying to keep up with their tax obligations while trying to run a successful business. These days she only arranges flowers at home.

Senior Associate

Paul Viola - LLB BCom CPA

With over ten years experience in tax restructuring, tax audits and objections and forensic accounting relating to audits Paul brings a wealth of experience to the Waterhouse team.

Our clients greatly benefit from Paul’s practical understanding of the tax issues faced when managing their own business and personal affairs.

Paul has represented our clients on matters such as cash economy audits; income tax and GST audits, fuel tax credits and wine equalisation tax.

Paul also specialises providing advice to businesses wanting to restructure.

In his spare time Paul enjoys snowboarding and scuba diving.


Boris Jakimov - LLB B.Com

Boris has completed a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Business & Commerce majoring in Accounting. He was admitted as a solicitor to the NSW Supreme Court in December 2016.

Boris is a highly resourceful member of the team at Waterhouse Lawyers and possesses a genuine interest in helping clients with their taxation issues.

Since joining Waterhouse Lawyers, Boris has developed his skills in a wide variety of areas including GST and international tax obligations. He has prepared and lodged several successful objections and applications for remission of interest.

Law Clerk

Yuvin Manadeniya - B.Com JD

Yuvin brings to Waterhouse Lawyers a passion for assisting clients in their taxation matters.

Yuvin brings a broad base of commercial and legal knowledge to the team, having completed a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of New South Wales and a Juris Doctor from the University of Sydney.

Since joining our team, Yuvin has provided assistance to clients in matters ranging from residency, employment and GST. Yuvin has also prepared and submitted numerous successful applications to the ATO in remitting the penalties and interest owed by clients.

Yuvin will be admitted as a lawyer to the Supreme Court of NSW in August 2017.