Tax Debt

Waterhouse Lawyers are experts at dealing with tax debt, particularly when the ATO has garnisheed a taxpayer’s bank accounts or is threatening bankruptcy.

We are generally able to arrange payment plans in even the most dire financial circumstances. In many instances we have successfully applied for reduction of the General Interest Charge.

The ATO is dramatically increasing its use of tax garnishee notices. Under a garnishee notice, the ATO can recover monies from third parties such as banks and employers.

Where the ATO has issued a garnishee notice, we can assist by ensuring the notice has been validly issued and, if so, negotiating the best possible outcome with the ATO for your tax debt.

Need tax help?

We are here to help when your tax or superannuation affairs become overwhelming.

We can liaise with the ATO if you are being audited; obtain a payment plan for a tax debt; and represent you in a tax court case.

Need tax help?

We are here to help when your tax or superannuation affairs become overwhelming.

We can liaise with the ATO if you are being audited; obtain a payment plan for a tax debt; and represent you in a tax court case.

Satisfied Clients

Saving my life and company

Hello Tania,

I hope this note finds you well.

You may or may not recall our case.

I will keep this short, as I can imagine you are very busy, but wanted to update you of the outcome. After you went into bat for me against the ATO in 2018, due to them issuing a garnishee over the company leaving me nowhere to go.
With your persistence we reached an agreement…saving my life and my company!

In our last conversation you asked me to let you know how we ended up and told me “show them that we would make it”!

Today I am emailing you with an enormous smile on my face…our ATO Super Guarantee Account debt was finalised in August, 2020 and today we received the attached statement from the ATO…as of 8th December, 2020 this is also finalised.
It has not been an easy journey, especially with the additional challenges of COVID…but we survived!

Thankyou Tania from the bottom of my heart, as without you I would not be sitting here typing this email.
May I wish you, your family and colleagues a very Merry Christmas and a safe New Year.

Warm Regards,

Trisha F

Trisha F – December 2020

Some sanity returns to my life

For many years I have lived overseas and paid tax in my country of family residence and employment. You can imagine my surprise when I received a letter from ATO suggesting I might owe a return for the past 2 years including a list of overseas income. Alarm bells rang as I did indeed owe some returns, but fixing the issue opened a whole Pandora’s Box of issues that I knew could only be solved by a professional expert in Taxation Law.

I trolled the Internet for hours looking for a Tax Lawyer in my home city, most of whom were from very big firms. When I came upon Waterhouse Lawyers I immediately felt that I had found the right people even though we were miles apart. I engaged Tania and her team without a moment’s hesitation and was on board as a client minutes after discussion with one of her team.

Tania and her team have exceeded my expectations in all respects. At last I can sleep at night and find speaking to them a bright spot in my day. They quickly put me at ease by breaking down my issues into separate parts and providing solutions for each. Their honesty and really profession approach to client interactions is enhanced with their ability to make you feel that they are part of your family and really do care about outcomes that are in your best interest rather than feeding the corporate revenue stream.

I unreservedly commend Tania and her team to anyone with a Tax related issue.

Philip K—November 2015

So very Grateful.  Five Star Service in tax matter

After 13 years of not being aware of it, the ATO advised me of an issue… a financially crippling, life changing kind of issue.  Their timing was exceptional, with massive cutbacks at work, my employment future was uncertain, and a wife currently going through IVF the additional stress was almost unbearable.

I spent almost 6 months attempting to obtain the information I needed from the ATO with very little success.

In desperation I contacted Tania, and within a day of engaging her services she had cut to the core of the problem, obtained the information I had not been able to and explained clearly to me what the situation was.  Within a week she had investigated the options available to me, identified a recommended course of action and put me contact with the relevant people to assist.

Tania was extremely professional and empathetic, kept me updated constantly on her progress and achieved a favourable outcome.  My wife and I are so very grateful and it is an enormous relief to be able to put this behind us.

I would highly recommend Tania to anyone having tax issues of any kind.


Arran B—July 2015

Wish we had found you earlier

Thank you so much for your help. I just wish we had found you two years ago when we first starting having problems with the Tax Office.

Maria M—February 2015

Hi Lamees,

I cannot thank you enough. This is the best outcome for my son.  It will will give him the opportunity to start over.

Thank you for your professional service and utmost attention to his case. You have been great and your assistance was appreciated.

We will drop by at your office sometime soon to say thank your personally.


Thank you again Lamees


Thank you for saving my son from his tax debt



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