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Tax Audit

With high level contacts in the ATO, Waterhouse Lawyers is uniquely placed to help our clients through a tax audit. We assist in ensuring the audit runs smoothly, with the best result achieved in the shortest amount of time possible for our client.

An intensive tax audit by the ATO can usually take 2-3 years and cost the taxpayer significant amounts in lost revenue, particularly SMEs, due to attending to the time consuming requirements of the audit. Not to mention the high level of stress and anxiety caused by the audit.

We generally resolve a taxation audit within 8-12 weeks, with minimal involvement from our client. We therefore take away the stress of the audit.

Contact us now. You will be so pleased you did!

Need tax help?

We are here to help when your tax or superannuation affairs become overwhelming.

We can liaise with the ATO if you are being audited; obtain a payment plan for a tax debt; and represent you in a tax court case.

Need tax help?

We are here to help when your tax or superannuation affairs become overwhelming.

We can liaise with the ATO if you are being audited; obtain a payment plan for a tax debt; and represent you in a tax court case.

Satisfied Clients

Thank you for ATO tax help

We would like to thank Tania and her team for helping us through a very difficult challenge that we had with the ATO.   Through her knowledge and patience we had a successful outcome and are able to continue with our business.

We have learnt a very valuable lesson: don’t mess with the ATO and if you need help don’t put it off ,get in touch with Tania and she will do her utmost to help sort it out

Very kind regards


Danny M—October 2017

When I was audited by the ATOI was given the wrong advice by my legal and accounting advisers.  I was therefore left with a very unfavourable outcome and I had to object

I engaged the team at Waterhouse Lawyers for my audit objection and they were able to successfully reverse some very poor ATO decisions. I wish I had contacted Tania and team as soon as I received the original audit notice rather than trying to deal with the matter myself.

Unfortunately due to the original advice I had, the matter then progressed to something of a very serious nature. I contacted Tania and she very quickly returned my call and was able to give me advice at a time that was terrifying for me personally.


Tax Audit – Objection – grateful thanks

Chapeau! as they say in French thank you

Dear Tania,

From my first contact with yourself and your firm, I knew I had contacted the right people to assist me in reviewing an ATO audit decision. How did I know that? I strongly felt that I would comfortably accept whatever outcome it may be, even if it was not the best, feeling confident that you and your team of experts would provide the best possible advice and chance to resolve the matter. Furthermore I also felt that you and your team do care about their clients and was impressed by your commitment. Was I right? Yes I was, your team achieved the best outcome that could have been expected: a win!

Dear Keerti,
Your dedication to resolving my taxation matter in the best possible way (“fighting tooth and nail” as you said) was remarkable and to say the least very much appreciated. You were approachable and always available for comments or explanations. Although it can be challenging, you were soon familiar with all the details of the evidence. Above all you were able to secure a win. I would have no hesitation whatsoever to recommend you.

Chapeau! as we say in my native French as a mark of gratitude and respect.

Best regards,


Didier G—August 2019

Thanks for ATO tax advice

Dear Tania, thanks for your help. You have been instrumental in keeping my spirits high these past few weeks as the ATO enquiry was one of many issues I had to deal with at present.

When it comes to tax correspondence and official dealings with the ATO the usual anecdote is always to seek expert advice, but advice given is only one part of the story. The personable approach, understanding of your clients’ pain points and delivering on that developed empathy is many times more valuable in effect than perhaps the advice itself.

You aced that approach when dealing with my situation, understood my story and went far beyond the mile or service benchmark that I would normally expect any professional consultant would go to.

So, in that regards, I unreservedly am happy to recommend you to any contact I know who wants to get the right advice and in a way that he or she are also satisfied with the interaction.

Bob W—February 2019



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