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Waterhouse Lawyers are expert tax lawyers.

Tania Waterhouse, the firm’s principal, is a former ATO director, with specialist knowledge of all tax matters.

The Waterhouse team are all passionate about tax law and wanting to help their clients.

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If you disagree with a tax assessment you are entitled to make an objection to that decision.  We can prepare an objection which puts your case in the most favourable light possible.  We have a very high success rate in the outcome of objection decisions.

Being audited is a particularly stressful experience.   Taxpayers unintentionally give the wrong message because, for instance, they may not understand the auditor’s queries, perhaps due to language difficulties.  We can help reduce that stress by liaising directly with the ATO and ensuring that the  the taxpayer’s affairs are being accurately represented to the ATO.

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Taxation Debt

Being served with a ATO notice is worrying at the best of times – even more so if you have a tax debt and you cannot pay immediately.

We understand the trauma of receiving a debt notice from the ATO.  We can help you to enter into a payment plan, or seek a remission of interest.  We can also help explore alternative options.

All of our clients appreciate our sensitive and caring approach to their tax crisis.  They have all stated how relieved they are to have sought our assistance.

This video shows you how we can help in this situation.


Australians working overseas need to know whether they are a resident or non-resident of Australia.  This will determine their tax liability in Australia.

Just because you are working living and working full time doesn’t mean you are automatically a non-resident.  There are a number of factors that need to be taken into account.

We have particular expertise with crew on superyachts, pilots, IT workers and can help determine your tax residency status.

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High Wealth Individuals

High Wealth Individuals in Australia need to structure their affairs in the most tax advantageous manner.

Likewise an offshore investor in Australia needs to understand their taxation obligations if they invest in Australia.

Here we discuss how we can help your entity to structure your taxation affairs or give advice on investing in Australia