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Tax Disputes – ATO Apologises


Tax Dispute

Tax Disputes – ATO Apologises

In welcome news for all taxpayers, the Australian Taxation Office recently acknowledged that not all taxation disputes have been handled well by the ATO, and gave an apology to taxpayers who have been adversely affected in such cases.

The ATO stated that over the last 18 months they have made significant improvements to their dispute prevention and resolution of taxation disputes. They have developed and implemented several new strategies, including ensuring that they are having conversations and getting their people to pick up the phone earlier to talk to taxpayers, both at the audit and the objection stage, rather than getting into protracted.

The ATO states it is now focused on resolving disputes as early as possible in a way that is efficient, respectful and fair.

To take advantage of the ATO’s new approach to dispute resolution, contact Waterhouse Lawyers who are confident they will be able to achieve even more favourable results for their clients.



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