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Former Tax Agent Imprisoned for TPB Contempt


TPB Investigation

Former Tax Agent Imprisoned for TPB Contempt

In a recent case, a former tax agent, Nathan Williams, faced legal consequences for contempt of court after defying a Federal Court injunction. This article examines the details of the case and underscores the importance of complying with regulations set by the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB).


Details of the Case:

Nathan Williams knowingly violated the law by preparing and lodging income tax returns for a fee while not registered as a tax practitioner. Despite being previously flagged by the TPB for failing to pass tax refunds to clients, Williams continued to provide tax agent services even after his registration lapsed. His actions posed significant risks to the financial interests of his clients.


History of Offences:

The TPB issued Williams a ‘cease and desist’ notice regarding his unauthorized provision of tax agent services. However, he disregarded the notice and continued to prepare and lodge tax returns for taxpayers in his local community. This defiance led to the TPB initiating proceedings in the Federal Court of Australia, seeking an injunction against Williams to halt his unauthorized activities.


Continued Violations:

Despite the injunction, Williams persisted in preparing and lodging tax returns, demonstrating a blatant disregard for the law and the TPB’s authority. He accessed taxpayers’ MyGov accounts to complete the returns on their behalf, further exacerbating his misconduct.


Legal Consequences:

As a result of his actions, Williams was sentenced to 10 days’ imprisonment and fined $80,000 for contempt of court. Additionally, the Federal Court imposed a permanent injunction preventing him from providing tax agent services for a fee for a minimum of 10 years.


Key Takeaway:

This case serves as a stark reminder of the severe consequences individuals face for disregarding TPB regulations. Tax agents must adhere to legal requirements and respect the authority of regulatory bodies to avoid facing similar penalties.



Compliance with TPB regulations is essential for tax practitioners to maintain their integrity and uphold professional standards. Any deviation from these regulations can result in serious legal consequences, including imprisonment, fines, and permanent injunctions. It is imperative for tax agents to prioritize compliance and seek legal assistance if faced with TPB notices or inquiries.

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