Tax Audit

8 July 2020

JobKeeper and ATO audit

JobKeeper:  ATO audit Receiving a Jobkeeper payment carries the risk of an audit because the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is heavily monitoring fraudulent Jobkeeper claims:  records […]
19 April 2020

Tax review or tax audit – try to satisfy the ATO at the review stage

Individuals, partnerships, companies, trusts, super funds are all at a risk of a tax audit following an unsatisfactory tax review.  Tax audits which follow an unsatisfactory tax […]
7 December 2017
Tax Lawyer Tax Audit, CGT, Debt Financing Law, Sub-dividing property law

How to Deal with a Tax Audit or Tax Review

Received Notice of a Tax Audit or Tax Review? The most important thing to do when you’ve just received notice that the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) […]
31 August 2017

Why a notice of estimate of liability from the ATO means trouble

If you don't lodge your activity statement or SGC statement, the ATO can estimate your tax liability and charge very high penalties (75-90%) for doing so.
7 August 2017

Don’t get caught out by an ATO default assessment

An ATO default assessment is bad news, particularly because there is a 75-90% penalty charged on top of the tax. Find out more about it in this article.
10 July 2017

Payroll tax crackdown

The number of companies being audited over payroll tax compliance has dramatically increased and most companies audited have been found to have increased payroll tax liability. […]
13 April 2017

Using ATO in-house facilitation to resolve tax disputes

The ATO offers an in-house facilitation process to help resolve disputes. Here are some tips that will help you to engage in an in-house facilitation.
13 April 2017

Why objecting to a private ruling can be a very bad idea

You can object to a private ruling, but should you? This article looks at how you can go wrong by objecting to a private ruling and what you can do instead.
27 September 2016

Lessons learnt about how to apply for a Private Ruling

Private rulings are decisions by the ATO about your particular situation. You can apply to the ATO to tell you, in a Private Ruling, how it […]



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