Tax Debt

15 November 2021
Tax Lawyer Sydney Melbourne

How to reduce your tax penalties and/or GIC

If your tax debt includes a tax penalty and/or general interest charge (GIC) you can apply for a reduction or elimination of the tax penalty and/or […]
2 July 2021

Tax debt: Organising a payment plan

Help:  I’ve got a tax debt.  I need a Payment Plan The ATO is starting to ramp up its tax debt recovery actions. So if you […]
28 February 2020

ATO Director Penalty Notice – Unpaid company taxes

Directors – don’t get caught being liable to pay your company’s unpaid taxes because you will be personally liable for a Director Penalty Notice (DPN).  This […]
9 May 2019
Tax Lawyer Sydney Melbourne

Tax Debt: Reduce your tax debt or negotiate a payment plan

Tax Debt? Take action now – the longer you leave it the greater the debt because general interest charge (GIC) accrues daily. The GIC can more […]
12 April 2018

Garnishee arrangement instead of payment plan: Company not wound up

The ATO commenced debt recovery action and would not accept a payment plan.  However Waterhouse Lawyers negotiated a Garnishee arrangement so that the company could continue […]
25 January 2016

Tax Debt: Garnishee Orders from ATO

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) may issue a Garnishee Order if you fail to meet your tax debt payment obligations. However, you must be left with […]
13 February 2015

Taxation problems with the ATO? Good news

Led by Commissioner Chris Jordan the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is adopting a more conciliatory approach in negotiating settlements with taxpayers who have tax debt in […]



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