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International Tax

14 June 2021
Michael Cranston Former ATO Deputy Commissioner

Australian Ownership in Foreign Companies

Tax: Australians with business interests in foreign companies There are many Australian residents who have business interests in overseas companies. These are often with overseas business […]
22 January 2021
Tax Lawyer Tax Audit, CGT, Debt Financing Law, Sub-dividing property law

Thin Capitalisation explained

In debt financing, an entity is considered ‘thinly capitalised’ where the assets are funded by a high level of debt and little equity. But why is […]
22 January 2021
Tax Crime

Are you receiving distributions from a foreign trust?

Foreign Trust Distributions – Section 99B of ITAA36 – is it taxable? Foreign trust distributions to a resident beneficiary are not assessable if they are from […]
7 May 2020
Tax Lawyer Sydney Melbourne

International offshore business dealings? Undeclared taxable income? Make a voluntary tax disclosure now

Taxpayers engaged in various overseas business dealings, such as owning overseas companies, trading in global shares, receiving rents, dividends, interest from foreign sources, or inheriting funds […]
11 December 2017

Tax: Don’t get caught by the global Common Reporting Standards (CRS)

The Common Reporting Standard (CRS) is designed to reduce tax evasion.  It is a global reporting system and will affect all taxpayers who have bank accounts […]
8 December 2017

Tax Common Reporting Standard (CRS): Australian Chinese Community

Many of the Australian Chinese community may be affected by the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) the new international tax reporting system. The CRS is designed to […]
25 August 2015
Tax Lawyer Sydney Melbourne

International tax: CFC tax rules explained

If you have interests in offshore companies you should be aware of the taxation rules relating to Controlled Foreign Companies (CFC) or Controlled Foreign Trusts Rules […]
22 January 2015
Tax Lawyer Sydney Melbourne

International tax: Foreign tax resident

Companies incorporated in overseas tax havens found to be Australian residents because real central management and control was in Australia. Company therefore liable for Australian income tax on profits made on Australia.



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