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Are superyacht crew liable for tax in Australia?

Aussies crewing overseas on a superyacht may be faced with a big tax bill if they are audited if they cannot show that they are a non-resident of Australia.
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Garnishee Orders

The ATO may issue a garnishee order if you fail to meet your tax debt payment obligations.  However you must be left with reasonable living expenses.  What are reasonable living expenses will be determined by the type of garnishee that has been issued. There are…
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Section 23AG – Exempt foreign service income

Under section 23AG of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936 (ITAA) Foreign employment income is exempt from tax if all of the following applies: you are an Australian resident you are engaged in continuous foreign service as an employee for 91 days or more your foreign service is…
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CGT main residence exemption

  If you sell your home you are entitled to a CGT exemption known as the main residence exemption.  There are some restrictions on when you can claim the main residence exemption – one of these is where you for rent out your property while…
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CFC tax rules explained

If you have interests in offshore companies you should be aware of the taxation rules relating to Controlled Foreign Companies (CFC) or Controlled Foreign Trusts Rules (CFT). 1.If an offshore entity is a CFC or CFT has an an Australian resident “controller”, the tainted income…
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Aussie crew member of overseas yacht? Australian resident for tax purposes?

A question that frequently arises is whether an Australian who is living and working on a yacht based in overseas waters is a non-resident and thus not liable to be taxed on wages received while working on the yacht.  Many yachties crewing overseas may consider…
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Are you an Australian working overseas? Your residency status will affect your liability to tax on foreign earned income

A recent case in the AAT concerned an individual working in Oman, who successfully claimed to be a non-resident of Australia, despite being domiciled in Australia (essentially Australian nationality).  The taxpayer therefore was not liable to pay tax on the foreign earned income. The case…
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Tax Prosecutions: Failure to Lodge Tax Returns

The ATO is increasingly prosecuting taxpayers for failure to lodge their tax returns. The first warning sign is the Tax Office issuing a Notice to Lodge outstanding tax returns.  If you receive such a notice do not ignore it.  You should immediately engage an accountant…
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Tax Dispute

Involved in a dispute with the Tax Commissioner?
Being audited by the Tax Office?