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International Tax

International tax: CFC tax rules explained

If you have interests in offshore companies you should be aware of the taxation rules relating to Controlled Foreign Companies (CFC) or Controlled Foreign Trusts Rules […][…]

Tax Debt

ATO action for winding up a company

The ATO can ask the court to wind up a company that hasn’t paid its tax debts. This is a serious step by the ATO, and […][…]

Tax Debt

Director penalty notice – personal responsibility for company tax

The ATO can use a director penalty notice to encourage directors to either cause a company to comply with its tax obligations, or close the company down.[…]

Tax Residency

Aussie crew member of overseas yacht? Australian resident for tax purposes?

A question that frequently arises is whether an Australian who is living and working on a yacht based in overseas waters is a non-resident and thus […][…]

Tax Debt

How does the ATO use a garnishee notice?

Do you have a debt owed to the ATO? Have they issued you a garnishee notice? Find out when the ATO issues a garnishee notice, and what you can do about it.[…]

Tax Audit

Strange things people have claimed as tax deductions

Diving Deep into ATO Unusual Tax Deductions  Exploring the ATO’s unusual tax deductions opens up a world of quirky and unexpected opportunities for taxpayers. From guard […][…]



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