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5 common ways that your ATO payment arrangement can default, and what to do to avoid it

If you’re in a payment arrangement with the ATO, you need to take certain steps to make sure you don’t default. This article will show you what to do.[…]


How to ask the ATO for a remission of your general interest charge (or GIC)

The ATO can remit the general interest charge in certain situations. This article looks at those situations and provides guidance on how and when you can make a request.[…]


Tax Debt: Garnishee Orders from ATO

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) may issue a Garnishee Order if you fail to meet your tax debt payment obligations. However, you must be left with […][…]


ATO collecting debt over the phone – is it a scam?

Taxpayers have recently reported phone calls from callers pretending to be the ATO, asking for immediate payment. How do you know if the call is a scam?[…]


ATO action for winding up a company

The ATO can ask the court to wind up a company that hasn’t paid its tax debts. This is a serious step by the ATO, and […][…]


Director penalty notice – personal responsibility for company tax

The ATO can use a director penalty notice to encourage directors to either cause a company to comply with its tax obligations, or close the company down.[…]



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