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The ATO sent a garnishee notice to my bank – now what?

If the ATO has issued a garnishee notice to your bank account, you need to act quickly. Is the notice is valid? Can the ATO withdraw it?[…]


Departure Prohibition Orders – how the ATO can stop you from leaving Australia by issuing a DPO

The ATO can issue a Departure Prohibition Order (DPO) to stop you from leaving Australia. This is effective until you pay your tax or settle with the ATO.[…]


5 tips to keep your ATO payment arrangement on track [infographic]

Here are 5 top tips to help you keep your arrangement on track, so you don’t have to fear that the ATO will make you bankrupt or wind up your company. […]


3 tax mistakes that send sole traders bankrupt

Being a sole trader is hard. It’s even more difficult when your tax gets out of control. Read about 3 tax mistakes sole traders make and how to avoid them.[…]


5 common ways that your ATO payment arrangement can default, and what to do to avoid it

If you’re in a payment arrangement with the ATO, you need to take certain steps to make sure you don’t default. This article will show you what to do.[…]


How to ask the ATO for a remission of your general interest charge (or GIC)

The ATO can remit the general interest charge in certain situations. This article looks at those situations and provides guidance on how and when you can make a request.[…]



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