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Tax Residency

Superyacht crew – are they liable for tax in Australia?

Aussies crewing overseas on a superyacht may be faced with a big tax bill if they are audited if they cannot show that they are a non-resident of Australia.[…]

Tax Debt

Tax Debt: Garnishee Orders from ATO

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) may issue a Garnishee Order if you fail to meet your tax debt payment obligations. However, you must be left with […][…]

Tax Residency

Section 23AG – Exempt foreign service income

Under section 23AG of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936 (ITAA),  Foreign employment income is exempt from tax if all of the following applies: you are […][…]

Tax Related Crimes

Have you been issued a summons to attend Court for not lodging tax returns?

Not lodging your tax returns can result in criminal charges. Hartigan Law can represent you in South Australia if are being prosecuted for not lodging.[…]

Tax Advice

CGT main residence exemption

If you sell your home, you are entitled to a Capital Gains Tax (CGT ) exemption known as the main residence exemption. There are some restrictions […][…]

Tax Debt

ATO collecting debt over the phone – is it a scam?

Taxpayers have recently reported phone calls from callers pretending to be the ATO, asking for immediate payment. How do you know if the call is a scam?[…]



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