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Tax Advice

Buying overseas goods online? Be prepared to pay an extra 10% GST tax

Wonder why Amazon has blocked Australians from their US sites?  It is because from 1 July, goods bought online from overseas will incur a 10% GST […][…]

Tax Advice

Haven’t disclosed foreign income in your tax returns?

If you have received income from overseas or have been holding monies overseas and receiving interest income but haven’t disclosed this in your tax returns, do […][…]

Tax Debt

7 tips for a successful phone call to the ATO

If you’re stressed about calling the ATO, these 7 steps will help. As a tax disputes expert, I follow these steps every call I make – and you should too.[…]

Tax Debt

Garnishee arrangement instead of payment plan: Company not wound up

The ATO commenced debt recovery action and would not accept a payment plan.  However Waterhouse Lawyers negotiated a Garnishee arrangement so that the company could continue […][…]

Tax Debt

How the ATO uses legal action to collect tax debts from an individual

These are the steps that the ATO takes when it starts legal action to recover a tax debt from an individual (i.e. as a sole trader, an employee, or a partner in a partnership).[…]

Tax Debt

How the ATO default administrative penalty is calculated, and what you can do to reduce it

The ATO can charge a penalty of up to 90% of the primary tax debt if it issues you a default assessment or a notice of estimate. Read about how these default penalties are calculated and how they can be reduced.[…]



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