Tax Residency

Superyacht crew – are they liable for tax in Australia?

Aussies crewing overseas on a superyacht may be faced with a big tax bill if they are audited if they cannot show that they are a non-resident of Australia.[…]

Tax Debt

Tax Debt: Garnishee Orders from ATO

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) may issue a Garnishee Order if you fail to meet your tax debt payment obligations. However, you must be left with […][…]

Tax Residency

Section 23AG – Exempt foreign service income

Under section 23AG of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936 (ITAA),  Foreign employment income is exempt from tax if all of the following applies: you are […][…]

Tax Advice

CGT main residence exemption

If you sell your home, you are entitled to a Capital Gains Tax (CGT ) exemption known as the main residence exemption. There are some restrictions […][…]

International Tax

International tax: CFC tax rules explained

If you have interests in offshore companies you should be aware of the taxation rules relating to Controlled Foreign Companies (CFC) or Controlled Foreign Trusts Rules […][…]

Tax Residency

Aussie crew member of overseas yacht? Australian resident for tax purposes?

A question that frequently arises is whether an Australian who is living and working on a yacht based in overseas waters is a non-resident and thus […][…]



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