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Tax Audit

Received an ATO letter? Keep Calm

The ATO Letter … So – you have received a letter from the ATO. You may have forgotten to lodge a number of BASs. You might […][…]

Tax Advice

Tax nightmares? Voluntary disclosure is the answer

Having nightmares about your tax? Haven’t lodged income tax returns for don’t know how  many years? Want to get back on track but don’t know how? […][…]


Gold bullion or scrap gold? Tax implications

Under the GST Act, the supply of gold bullion is input taxed. In layman terms this essentially means that the supply and purchase are GST free. […][…]

Tax Advice

Sharia law and Australian taxes

Muslims complying with Islamic principles, including Sharia law, have a different approach to the lending of money than Australia’s traditional approach. The Islamic financial system promotes […][…]

Tax Residency

Expats: Australian income tax rates

Expats do not pay tax on their foreign income.  But they must still pay tax on any income derived in Australia such as bank interest, dividends, […][…]

Tax Residency

Are superyacht crew liable for tax in Australia?

Aussies crewing overseas on a superyacht may be faced with a big tax bill if they are audited if they cannot show that they are a non-resident of Australia.[…]



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