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Tax Advice

Transfer Pricing – SMEs simplified rules

If you have international transactions with a related party – eg a loan from your foreign subsidiary – your Australian tax will be affected if the […][…]

Tax Debt

Statutory Demands Issued by the ATO

Find out what to do if the ATO issues your company with a statutory demand for unpaid tax debts.[…]

Tax Debt

Applying for a release from your tax debt

The ATO can completely release an individual from some or all of their tax debt if they would suffer ‘serious financial hardship’ if they had to pay it.[…]

Tax Advice

Tax Cryptocurrency: ICO income or capital?

As everyone knows, the taxation of cryptocurrency is a very grey area.  However, the ATO considers that cryptocurrency is a CGT asset (and not cash). Thus […][…]


Unpaid Superannuation Guarantee? Amnesty: Pay Now and Avoid SG penalties

Are you a business owner struggling to fulfill your superannuation guarantee (SG) obligations? The Turnbull government has introduced an amnesty program for all outstanding SG payments. […][…]

Tax Advice

Buying overseas goods online? Be prepared to pay an extra 10% GST tax

The recent decision by Amazon to restrict Australians’ access to their US websites has sparked curiosity and concern. This move comes on the heels of the […][…]



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