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Tax Debt

How the ATO’s general interest charge works

The ATO’s general interest charge compounds daily at a rate set under legislation. Read on to find out how the compounding can effect your tax debt.[…]

Tax Debt

The rate of the ATO’s general interest charge

The general interest charge rate charged by the ATO changes every quarter. Read more about how it is calculated, and the reasons why it is more than a standard mortgage rate.[…]

Tax Dispute

TPB: Tax Practitioners Board: Tax agent investigation and deregistration

Understanding Tax Agent Deregistration Investigations amidst the Tax Practitioners Board’s (TPB) heightened scrutiny and increased deregistrations, alongside intensified efforts by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). The […][…]

Tax Advice

Transfer Pricing – SMEs simplified rules

If you have international transactions with a related party – eg a loan from your foreign subsidiary – your Australian tax will be affected if the […][…]

Tax Debt

Statutory Demands Issued by the ATO

Find out what to do if the ATO issues your company with a statutory demand for unpaid tax debts.[…]

Tax Debt

Applying for a release from your tax debt

The ATO can completely release an individual from some or all of their tax debt if they would suffer ‘serious financial hardship’ if they had to pay it.[…]



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